(1-6 years)

A clean hygienic daycare with experienced caregivers. Safety precautions are ensured, and a range of activities are planned to stimulate child’s physical, sensory and behavioral aspects. Later in the day we have extra curricular activities like dance, music, drama and arts to explore the interest of the child and enhance it further.
Infant and Toddler Care

(1-2 years)

In our Infant program, we focus on nurturing care and basic developmental skills like language, Finger play & Songs, Motor, and Sensory & Science. We emphasize at this stage more on language building as it helps the child to interact with people around. We also work on developmental activities like walking, running, balancing themselves and eating on their own.
Play Group

(2-3 years)

As toddlers strive for independence, our teachers create a program that supports each child’s individuality. Some of the most important learning outcomes in our toddler program are language development, socialization, self-help skills, and the development of fine motor and eye/hand coordination. This all contributes to toddlers becoming confident learners.

(3-4 years)

Early preschoolers are also learning how to manage their strong impulses and emotions This program focuses on structure and developing autonomy, with an emphasis on cognitive learning; including number and letter recognition introduced through puzzles, games and our pre-literacy reading and writing program Alpha-Mania. Our preschool program provides a foundation for developing greater independence, problem solving, integrating new concepts.

(4-5 years)

At this stage homework help and academic support are always available. Within the classroom, interactive books, games and educational online content play a key role in enhancing cognitive development and mental acuteness. Children learn best when their environment is geared to their interests, we lay emphasis on arts, self-expression and respecting individuals.

(5-6 years)

Our kinder care programs compliment the curriculum offered in nearby schools. At this stage we start preparing students for reputed schools in town. While every student in our program will gain the skills needed to succeed in Grade 1. The curriculum is designed to foster a love for learning and the ability to ask questions, seek out answers and build self-confidence.

School Branches