We are parents just like you. Our journey began when we moved to India from Canada for our personal commitments. My daughter had just turned two, so our priority was to find a good playschool for her. She was in one of the reputed daycares with excellent childcare services in Canada.
We started our hunt and realized there is a huge gap in childcare education. Most of the schools do not provide tactile and application-based learning. We also experienced a disparity in the services promised versus delivered. Thus, came an idea to bridge the gap in the education system and design an education module that focuses on all aspect of a child’s development.
I love working with kids and I was fortunate to realize my passion very early in my life.

Our Story


While pursing my graduation at Lady Shri Ram college, I taught underprivileged children as part of national social service program and worked at AIIMS as community coordinator. As coordinator I organized cancer awareness programs at various schools in Delhi. It was immensely rewarding working with children, their world fascinated me.
In Canada I have worked for multi-national companies like P&G and Yokohama. I still followed my passion of working with children through various volunteering and social projects. I am lucky to experience child upbringing both in India and west, and have learned to better understand and appreciate both the styles. I feel an amalgamation of both the world like western way of rearing an independent child and at the same inculcating the Indian family values is the best platform we can offer a child to grow.
We aim to build a playschool which focuses on optimal development of children. We understand its vital to focus on all the aspects of growth like social, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and educational. A school that is every parent’s friend. A school that understands you, knows your issues and tries well hard to resolve them, a place that welcomes your kids to a healthy, safe and playful world of learning.
We also have a quality daycare for kids, with the rise in the nucleated family and working parents, kids are often left on maids or other available options. We provide a clean, safe and loving environment for the child to grow. Our activities are planned throughout the day to stimulate their development with emphasis on tactile learning and gross motor development.

School Branches